MCSA Worcester


Mountain Community Programme

The Department of Sport and Recreation allocates a certain amount of money to the Mountain Club of South Africa. Each of the fourteen sections applies for funds to spend in their own Mountain Community Programme. We in the Worcester section are lucky to have five different organisations that work very closely with us to spend these funds wisely on developing our youth.


As a nature organisation we are focused on conserving the fauna & flora in the areas we operate in. Our main task is to eliminate all hakea and pine trees in the Fonteintjiesberg and Brandwacht mountain areas. This is where our beloved Thomas Hut is situated, and this is where we do 70 – 80% of our hikes.


Worcester Section of the MCSA is known to be a very social bunch of people. Every hike is a social gathering/‘kuier’ for us. We have 4 ‘official’ social events each year, of which our AGM in March and the Year End Function in December our most formal. Our classic Winter social and Spring social are more informal gatherings. We take every opportunity to organise an event and make it a “lekker kuier”, like when we had our 125-year birthday celebrations in 2018. The way everyone enjoyed this occasion was summed up by our national secretary, Jenny Paterson “Thank you so very very much for what for me was the best annual dinner that I have ever attended! You and the team did an amazing job and I just loved the venue.

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