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We are a nature organisation

As a nature organisation we are focused on conserving the fauna & flora in the areas we operate in. Our main task is to eliminate all hakea and pine trees in the Fonteintjiesberg and Brandwacht mountain areas. This is where our beloved Thomas Hut is situated, and this is where we do 70 – 80% of our hikes. In 2023 we have renewed our fight against the alien tree invasion, specifically the pine en more so the hakea invasion. We focus on cutting down the single trees and use biocontrol on the bigger cluster areas of trees. We have linked with two organisations that provide us with all the info and guidance needed. Thank you to The Department Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment and The Agricultural Research Counsel for their assistance. You will see how beautiful the fynbos will come out, once all the aliens have been cleared!

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